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10 easy to find waterfalls in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia waterfalls

10 easy to find waterfalls in Nova Scotia

There is something about water that brings immediate calm. Nova Scotia is known for its expansive coastline and ocean-view hikes, but there is much beauty to discover inland too.


Ready to head out on a trail? Here are 10 Nova Scotia waterfalls and where to find them!


1. Uisge Ban Falls Provincial Park, BaddeckExternal Link Title

Trail length: 1.85 miles return
Difficulty : Easy

Pronounced “OUSKA-BAN”, this Gaelic-named park is home to impressive waterfalls featuring an approximately five-story drop.


2. Mary Ann Falls, near Ingonish

Trail length: less than 350 feet
Difficulty: Easy


A short hike from the small parking area off the Mary Ann Falls Road in Cape Breton Highlands National ParkExternal Link Title leads you to these beautiful waterfalls. Feel like a longer hike? The 5.2-mile Branch Pond Look-off TrailExternal Link Title also starts off this parking area.


3. Corney Brook Falls, Corney Brook Campground in the Cape Breton Highlands National ParkExternal Link Title

Trail length: 4 miles return
Difficulty: Easy


Follow a meandering brook to this small waterfall within a box river canyon. The trailhead is located across from Corney Brook CampgroundExternal Link Title in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.


4. MacIntosh Brook Falls, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, north of CheticampExternal Link Title

Trail length: 1 mile return
Difficulty: Easy


Follow the well-groomed, level trail from within the MacIntosh Brook CampgroundExternal Link Title in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park to this waterfall.


5. Joseph Howe Falls, Victoria Park, TruroExternal Link Title

Trail length: 1,315 feet return
Difficulty: Easy


Getting to these waterfalls is literally a walk in the park!  Victoria Park features numerous trails and is a popular spot for a picnic lunch. Follow the signs for the Lepper Brook Walk which leads to the base of this waterfall and the smaller Waddell Falls. If you fancy a hike, there are 12.5 miles of trails located within this 400-acre natural woodland park in the heart of the town of Truro.


6. Economy Falls, Economy River Wilderness Area, near ParrsboroExternal Link Title

Trail length: 1.25 miles return
Difficulty: Easy


Located on the Economy Falls Trail, and part of the Economy River Wilderness Area trail system, this is a fairly easy hike.  Exactly 186 steps bring you down to the waterfalls -- just keep in mind that you'll need to walk up those same steps on the way out.  


7. Liscomb Falls, Liscomb River Trail System, Liscomb MillsExternal Link Title

Trail length: 6 mile loop
Difficulty: Moderate


Located on the property of Liscombe Lodge ResortExternal Link Title, the Liscombe River Trail includes a suspension bridge that overlooks the Liscomb Falls waterfall and a nearby fish ladder, which was constructed to help restock Atlantic salmon in the Liscomb River.


8. Indian Falls Municipal Park, Lunenburg CountyExternal Link Title

Trail length: About 800 feet return
Difficulty: Easy


The trail to the falls is short, about a 15 minute walk with a staircase that leads you down to the base of the falls. There are other walking trails within the park along with a rocky beach and look-off points nearby.


9. North River Falls, North River Wilderness Area, Cape Breton IslandExternal Link Title

Trail length: 11.2 miles return
Difficulty: Moderate


The North River Falls hiking trail follows the river valley to the base of North River Falls, which, at over 105 feet high, are reputed to be the highest in the province. Be sure to wear appropriate hiking footwear and pack water and snacks if you plan to hike the entire trail.


10. Bohaker Cove Waterfalls, Delaps Cove Wilderness Area, Delap's CoveExternal Link Title

Trail length: 1.4 mile loop
Difficulty: Easy


The Bohaker Trail, within the Delaps Cove Wilderness Area, takes approximately one hour to hike and features the 43-foot-high waterfall at Bohaker Cove. While there, you can also view basalt lava rocks from a viewing platform.