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Two people ride horses on a dirt road

Things to do

Things to do

Spread from the Pacific to the Atlantic and the furthest reaches of the Arctic Circle, Canada is one of the most naturally and culturally diverse places on Earth. Vast areas of serene and raw wilderness, punctuated by vibrant cities and even brighter spirit—there’s a lifetime of adventure just waiting to be discovered with each daring exploration of the True North. 

Hopewell Rocks at low tide

Soaring tides, ancient mountain chains, lush boreal forests—and everything in between. No matter the season, there’s always something to explore.

The northern lights above a forest

A thrilling experience of a lifetime, Canada is one of the best places to watch the Northern Lights. 

Montreal history centre

From annual celebrations and festivals to historic sites and local gems, our culture is on display year-round and yours to discover.

A person stands atop a lush green Canadian vista

Highland trails, forest paths, Rocky Mountain summits and more make Canada a hiker’s haven.  

A woman is presented with a tray of fresh fruits and vegetables

By boat or on a farm, discover a culinary landscape influenced by ancestral, traditional and global flavours on each table. 

An indigenous person speaks with tourists at a camp, outisde a teepee

Immerse yourself in this land through the stories, traditions, and cultural sites of Canada’s Indigenous Peoples.

Two polar bears stand on the rock near the water

Encounter the great outdoors with 450 000 km2 of diverse terrain, boundless backcountry and wild wilderness.

Pack your bags

Places to go, things to see and what to do—all neatly laid out. Begin your adventure with a travel package tailored to fit your needs. So the only surprises on your trip will be the good kind.

The Hopewell Rocks, at low tide