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A woman looks out the door of her RV in the mountains

Canada: the nicest place on earth

The world needs more nice

The nicest place on earth

Celebrating nice, wherever you are

Canada is made up of friendly faces, iconic places and rich culture worth celebrating every day.

Find inspiration and (re)discover what you can find in

The nicest place on earth

Discover nice across Canada

Find out where and how to experience the incredible people and places of Canada, the nicest place on earth.

Places to go

Something for everyone

Discover Canada's captivating allure where welcoming metropolises meet sweeping coastlines, embodying a unique blend of wild prairies, fearless adventures, and refreshing perspectives. Whether kayaking off British Columbia, savouring Nova Scotia's lobster feast, or witnessing the mesmerising northern lights in the Yukon. Canada offers a diverse landscape that promises unforgettable experiences with true Canadian charm.