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Two bikers alongside a river in Calgary


Travel to Calgary

Nestled at the base of the Canadian Rockies, Calgary boasts a frontier attitude and historic neighbourhoods that buzz with bravado. From contemporary arts centres, beloved music districts and avant-garde architecture, to a bustling food scene that pours out of brick heritage buildings and back-alley cantinas, Calgary is well-versed in mingling the old with the new. The tastes of this city are also diverse—flapper pie (a prairie classic), locally sourced steak (sired by the restaurant’s own bull), chips-and-curry and banh mi are just a few highlights. Venture further afield to discover dinosaur country or explore Kananaskis, channelling your inner pioneering spirit.


Don’t miss the iconic spots and hidden gems. No matter where you go in Calgary, there are amazing itinerary ideas for you to explore.

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