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Plan your trip

Plan your trip

Plan your trip

It’s easy to get lost in the magic of this place. With so much to see and do between the awe-inspiring Iceberg Alley and the eclectic inlets of the Sunshine Coast, you won’t want to miss a minute of adventure. Discover everything you need to know about visiting Canada with a collection of thoughtful guides, planning resources, and travel packages.

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Coming to Canada

Is it hello or bonjour? What’s a loonie? Do I need a toque? Brush up on everything from official languages and currency to customs and weather ahead of your Canadian adventure.

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Getting around

There’s lots of Canada to explore. Find out more about where to go, how to get there, and where to stay with this helpful guide to traveling to and within Canada.

Wildfire guidance

Canada is home to breathtaking landscapes and natural beauty, but during certain times of the year, our country experiences wildfires. These wildfires can impact travel plans so we’re here to offer guidance and provide essential information and safety tips for when you’re visiting or planning to visit areas affected by wildfires in Canada.

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