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Experiencing summer in the Arctic

Summer in the Manitoba Arctic

Experiencing summer in the Arctic

If you've ever wanted to travel to the Arctic, spending a summer in Northern Manitoba is a great option. On the coast of Hudson Bay, Manitoba's north is full of incredible natural wonders and wildlife that you just won't see anywhere else.


The must-stop destination in this outdoor wonderland is the town of Churchill. Nicknamed "The Polar Bear Capital of the World," Churchill is located where the boreal forest meets the tundra, making it one of the best places in the world to see wildlife of all kindsExternal Link Title.

Polar bear in the summer
Polar bear in the summer. Credit: Travel Manitoba

Polar bears frolic among wildflowers and berry patches. Birds flock to their nesting sites in huge numbers. Countless caribou march across the vast landscape, always wary of wolves howling in the distance.


Take a guided walking tourExternal Link Title and watch polar bears on the open tundra or as they play on the coastal rocks. Or board a unique tundra vehicleExternal Link Title, designed to make the travel fun and safe while offering a prime view of the impressive bears.

beluga whales as they swim up to and circle your boat
Credit: Travel Manitoba / Build Films

You can also see pods of curious beluga whales as they swim up to and circle your boatExternal Link Title


Beyond the incredible animal experiences, northern Manitoba boasts some of the most stunning landscapes on earth. Churchill is located right at the northern edge of the boreal forest and opens to the expanses of the wide open Arctic tundra. During the summer, walk through the wildflowers that cover the ground in a beautiful kaleidoscope of colour where more than 400 native plant species can be found in the area. Head to the Hudson Bay and find rocks that have been beautifully shaped by glaciers and small pockets of forest that have pushed into the tundra.


More adventurous travellers can also find great kayaking excursions or try to land monstrous fishExternal Link Title in the province's northern waterways.


From amazing animal experiences to the land itself, travelling to northern Manitoba's Arctic region is truly an adventure that you will cherish for life. Pack your hiking boots and head out into the wild.


Find the perfect summer Arctic experience for you, on the Travel Manitoba website