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A mountain range in Nunavut


The northernmost inhabited place in the world, Nunavut is the True North. This is a place like no other, where a pristine tundra that stretches as far as the eye can see is punctuated by dramatic fjords, giant glaciers and iconic wildlife.

Although vast in size, Nunavut is Canada’s least populated province. The Inuit have lived in this remote region for 5,000 years, and today make up 84% of the population. Visitors can open their eyes to their way of life with storytelling, arts and crafts, and harvesting and fishing. If you have a spirit of adventure, Nunavut welcomes you.

The territory of Nunavut — which name means “our land” in Inuktitut — is brimming with cultural experiences. Uncover the traditions and survival skills that locals have adapted for the extreme Arctic conditions, like igloo building. Admire otherworldly landscapes while spotting the world’s most exotic animals, from narwhal to beluga whales and polar bears. Be captivated as you watch traditional Inuit performing arts unlike anything you’ve seen before, from throat singing to drum dancing.


Frobisher Bay

On the distant shores of Frobisher Bay, Iqaluit is remote—north of the 60th parallel and high above the tree-line—but the capital of Nunavut also offers plenty of cultural cred.


Don’t miss the iconic spots and hidden gems. No matter where you go in Nunavut, there are amazing itinerary ideas for you to explore.

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A cool blue iceberg sits in the middle of the ocean in front of a dusk lit sky.
Intrepid Travel

Discover the essential heart of the Canadian High Arctic on this nine-day expedition, including five days spent exploring at sea. Spot musk oxen and polar bears among the otherworldly landscapes in places like Arctic Bay, Beechey Island and Croker Bay. Explore the heart of the fabled Northwest Passage and attempt to traverse the Bellot Strait, the narrow pass that wasn’t navigated by Europeans until 1937. Travel with an expert crew of seafarers, academics, scientists and locals who grew up in the region to get the most out of your journey.

A group of travellers with their Inuit guide at a Territorial Historical Park near Pangnirtung, looking at a massive whale bone
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Experience an authentic summer adventure in Nunavut’s Baffin Island awaits, home to the Capital Iqaluit, the start of your authentic adventure and Pangnirtung your second destination.

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Arctic Winter Discovery  External Link Title

From CAD 1,135

4 days / 3 nights

Baffin Island awaits, home to Iqaluit, capital of Nunavut and the start of your authentic adventure through this beautiful and culturally rich land.