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Iqaluit houses along the coast


Travel to Iqaluit

On the distant shores of Frobisher Bay, Iqaluit is remote—north of the 60th parallel and high above the tree-line—but the capital of Nunavut also offers plenty of cultural cred. Modern life coexists with the traditional language, wisdom and arts of the Inuit who’ve lived here for centuries. This small city will tick “going to the Arctic” off your bucket list as you meet the exotic wildlife of the ice-floe edge: narwhal, beluga whales, walrus, caribou, muskox and polar bears. Stay for summer too, when the tundra emerges from frost to reveal bright pink fireweed.


Don’t miss the iconic spots and hidden gems. No matter where you go in Iqaluit, there are amazing itinerary ideas for you to explore.

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