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Instagram hot spots in Manitoba

Churchill Manitoba Northern Lights

Instagram hot spots in Manitoba

From the icy tundra of the subarctic, to the wild national parks and vibrant cityscapes of Winnipeg, Manitoba is over-flowing with diverse topography and spectacular vistas. Everywhere you turn you'll find prime fodder for your Instagram feed. We've compiled a check-list of must-see Instagram hot spots.

Paradise is a yurt

Picture this: You're deep in the Manitoba wilderness, snuggled up under the stars in your very own Mongolian yurt. Outside, a campfire is crackling and marshmallows are roasting. Inside, you're warm and relaxed, with heaters, lanterns, and solar lighting. Angle the camera upwards to the wood-framed skylight and capture this idyllic Insta-moment. Found in Riding Mountain National ParkExternal Link Title, yurts are eight-sided canvas shelters, complete with a wooden frame, rustic furniture, windows, and wooden floor. You might be in the wilderness, but you're not exactly roughing it! 


Northern Lights in Churchill 

Grab a front-row seat to the greatest light show on earth in the far north town of ChurchillExternal Link Title, Manitoba. You can almost hear the 'oooh's and 'ahhh's of your Instagram followers when you post a video of the mystical dancing lights shimmering green, orange, and vibrant pinks across the vast expanse of the night sky.


Winnipeg Folk Festival

With its larger-than-life characters, colourful events, and outstanding music, expect the unexpected at the annual Winnipeg Folk FestivalExternal Link Title, held the second week in July in Birds Hill Provincial ParkExternal Link Title. You'll soon fill your Instagram feed with new friends and quirky moments.


Polar bear selfies

Every photographer, from amateur to professional, covets a polar bear close-upExternal Link Title. Churchill is one of the few places in the world where you can view them in their natural habitat. For prime viewing of these magnificent beasts visit from October to November when the bears begin their move back to seal-hunting territory on the pack ice that forms each winter on Hudson Bay.


Clearwater Lake

Paddle out onto the lake, grab your camera, and look down. It's not called Clearwater LakeExternal Link Title for nothing. The crystal waters draw your eye many feet below the surface where trophy-sized trout are ready to pose for a photo. The lake is framed by pristine beaches and lush boreal forests, equally beautiful in winter, when ice skating and cross-country skiing is the best way to explore.


Wonderful waterfalls

Go chasing waterfalls in Manitoba! Rainbow Falls is a magnet for snap-happy travelers, accessed by a path at the White Lake ResortExternal Link Title. Wekusko FallsExternal Link Title is another spectacular sight, dotted with trails and suspension bridges that tower over a series of waterfalls and rapids on the Grass River. Feeling energetic? Kwasitchewan Falls, also found on Grass River, is the tallest waterfall in Manitoba and well worth the hike.


Bird-watcher's paradise

Capture nature's most beautiful winged creatures in the Churchill area, a global magnet for bird-watchersExternal Link Title. More than 250 species nest and fly over this region during the annual migrations. Bird Cove and Akudlik Marsh are ideal vantage points for that perfect Instagram moment, abundant with snow owls, peregrine falcons, tundra swans, harlequin ducks, terns, and gulls. Keep your eyes peeled for the rare Ross's Gull - if you capture one of these beauties on camera, consider it the sighting of a lifetime!


Dog Sled in Northern Manitoba

Learn how to mush your own team of happy sled dogsExternal Link Title and then hit the winter trails, flying across icy tundra, through snow-covered forests in Northern Manitoba. Capture the moment as you retrace the steps of the fur traders of a time gone by, when dog sledding was the fastest way to travel across the snow. This is one Instagram post that will give you true bragging rights.


The Forks

It's like this place was designed specifically with Instagram in mind. Poised at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine rivers in Winnipeg, The ForksExternal Link Title is an aesthetic blend of nature, history, and man-made creations. In every season you'll find an endless array of unique events, Instagrammable cuisine, and photogenic attractions.  


Awesome architecture

In the heart of the bustling city of Winnipeg you'll find a little castle. The century-old stone house, Bella's CastleExternal Link Title in historic Morden, is one of the city's most unique pieces of architecture. Want more? Head to Holy Trinity Cathedral on Main Street at sunset to capture this awe-inspiring church in all its glory.


Assiniboine Zoo

The Assiniboine ZooExternal Link Title "Journey to Churchill" exhibit in Winnipeg is the world's leading Arctic species experience. Your Instagram feed with soon be stuffed with close-ups of polar bears as they frolic and swim, as well as arctic fox, snowy owls, and muskox.


Stonewall Quarry Park

Three imposing limestone kilns are a formidable sight, towering over you at the 80-acre Stonewall Quarry ParkExternal Link Title. Capture this unique scene and then take a stroll across the white sand beach where the Kinsmen Lake beckons. The Quarry Park Heritage Arts Centre is filled with incredible dioramas that tell the story of how the limestone formations came to be, sparking a lucrative industry in the 19th century.


Beluga whales

Want to see the friendly beluga whales that populate Northern Manitoba’s Hudson Bay coastline? Hit ‘record’ on your camera and capture their sweet ‘canary’ songs as they whistle and chirp playfully. Jump in a zodiac and snap photos as they swim alongside the boat for an unforgettable selfie.