There are those of us who, while we may be desk jockeys, dream of being a rancher. But if it doesn’t seem like you’re going to be setting up shop as a cowpoke any time soon, perhaps the next best thing is a week at Saskatchewan’s La Reata Ranch


La Reata Ranch

You'll learn all the skills a good cowpoke needs.

This place is likely what you’ve been seeing in your mind’s eye: 5,000 acres of prairie range, vast skies, and 200 calves and cows that need branding, roping and herding. Make it part of a road trip, RV vacation or a stand-alone holiday.


A Scene Out of a Western Movie

A sunset ride at La Reata Ranch is like something out of a movie.

Set in the Saskatchewan River Valley, with rolling grassy hills and canyons, the occasional coyote stealing by, the place really does look like it’s right out of a Wild West movie. This is the land where Blackfoot and Crow once camped and hunted buffalo across the plains. City slickers are welcomed and brought right into the action.


Enjoy the Rancher Lifestyle

Dinners are festive and traditional at La Reata.

La Reata is an authentic, family-run working cattle ranch. Days are filled with wrangling wild horses, roping, driving and checking up on the cows, eating slow-cooked beans around the open campfire and sunset rides. It’s all hands-on— actual cowhands teach you how to groom and saddle your horse before you head out into the open fields. Evenings are for playing horseshoes, trying out lariat and roasting marshmallows over the fire. Guests share hearty home-cooked suppers with the crew and sleep in rustic cabins.


Overnight Horse Pack Trip

You'll leave the ranch with new horseback riding skills.

On the overnight horse pack trip, camping out under the stars, you might believe, just for a moment, you actually are a cowboy. And, of course, you are.

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