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Ideas for a wellness weekend in Montréal

person holding fork above nicely placed green salad

Ideas for a wellness weekend in Montréal

Wellness means something different for everyone. At its essence, however, wellness means engaging in activities that remove anxiety and promote feeling better—mentally, physically, and emotionally. We have some suggestions.

For those who are feeling drained, here are some weekend activities to help get your juices flowing again.



Let's go outside

people walking around lake with blue skies

Credit: Eva Blue

For many of us, going outside is a cornerstone of wellness. Whether walkingExternal Link TitlejoggingExternal Link TitlewheelingExternal Link Title, or simply sitting on a park benchExternal Link Title, most of us can personally attest to the benefits of fresh air and sunlight.

When is the last time you journeyed to the top of Mount RoyalExternal Link Title? The sprawling central park offers over 200 hectares of natural space. Two hours on the park pathways will produce far more endorphins than anything you'll post on social media.

Because it's accessible by metro, a trip to Parc Jean-DrapeauExternal Link Title offers the benefits of getting out of the city without any traffic delays. Use the park's walkways for an ideal loop that includes viewpoints over the St. Lawrence River and passages through tunnels of stunning foliage.

Five islands make up the peaceful, wildlife-filled Parc national des ?les-de-BouchervilleExternal Link Title. A few minutes' drive from downtown, the park features hiking and biking trails, and opportunities for canoeing and kayaking.

At the end of the Montr?al metro's green line, you'll find the 97-hectare Parc AngrignonExternal Link Title in the Sud-Ouest boroughExternal Link Title. A pond and the historic Fort Angrignon trail add to the feeling of being much further from the city than you actually are.



Food as therapy

person holding fork above nicely placed green salad

Credit: Alison Slattery - Two Food Photographers - Tourisme Montréal

This list of Montr?al's best bakeries and patisserie shopsExternal Link Title will provide options that could last a season of weekends. Why not make it an summer of sampling croissants? That sounds like peak-wellness.

When thinking about wellness, many of us think of getting our vegetables. The city has a bounty of health-focused restaurantsExternal Link Title, most of them offering take out or delivery. For a deeper dive into the world of animal-free culinary fair, check out this ultimate guide to eating vegan in Montr?alExternal Link Title.



Massage that stress away

person getting a facial
Credit: Justine Marc-Aurèle

While not all services and experiences are available, most Montr?al spas are still open for such nourishing body treats as massages and cosmetic treatments (such as manicures, pedicures, facials). Everyone's favourite spa on a boat--Bota Bota, spa-sur-l'eauExternal Link Title--is offering massages and treatments. For a Swedish massage, Scandinave Spa Vieux-Montr?alExternal Link Title is a wonderful option--and it also offers deep tissue, Thai massage with oil, and a few other luxurious techniques. 



Wake up somewhere else

interior room of Studio Point de vue hotel in montreal

Credit: Alexandre Parent – Studio Point de vue

If you truly want to make it a wellness weekend, get thyself to a hotel room. Whether a change of scenery for the whole family, a romantic weekend getaway, or a few solo nights of self-care, Montr?al hotels provide plenty of options for a rejuvenating vacation.

For some financial wellness, be sure to check out these sweet hotel deals!External Link Title