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A fall guide to Prince Edward Island

River kayaking in the fall, Prince Edward Island

A fall guide to Prince Edward Island

Fall on Prince Edward IslandExternal Link Title is different. For locals and tourists alike, fall signals a time on the Island where you can experience sea-to-table dining at its finest while exploring the explosion of autumn colours. Picture yourself venturing down historic red clay roads where trees arch overtop, holding crimson, gold, and orange leaves and you will certainly have the feeling that fall on Prince Edward Island is different in all of the right ways.

Spending time in nature

It's easy to be mesmerised when walking the sandy shores of Prince Edward Island's coastal beachesExternal Link Title. Pair that with the vibrant orange, red, and yellow leaves of autumn and you'll surely be lovestruck. A great place to walk, hike, or cycle among the autumn colours is Prince Edward Island National ParkExternal Link Title and the Confederation TrailExternal Link Title. Each feature must-see vantage points of Prince Edward Island along its seemingly endless coastline.


Hiking isn't the only way that you can take in Prince Edward Island's picturesque autumn landscapes though. Take to the ocean for some kayakingExternal Link Title to feel the sea breeze kiss your skin while giving you a well-rounded perspective of the Island. You can rent single or double kayaks from Kingfisher OutdoorsExternal Link Title.


From the air you might think that Prince Edward Island is one giant golf course with rolling greens, sand, and water traps alternating with woodlots. In fact, the Island has more than 25 courses to explore! Golf PEIExternal Link Title offers an in-depth look at all that Prince Edward Island has to offer for golf.

Breathtaking scenic roads

Exploring Prince Edward Island by road is distinctly different from most other places in Canada. The Island's scenic heritage roadsExternal Link Title literally take you back in time to experience a part of the rich history that encompasses the Island. Narrow, red clay lanes characterise the heritage roads of Prince Edward Island with some including a forest canopy of vibrant hues during fall.


While you're touring the Island, it's worth your time to check out some of the roads that hug the coastline to showcase the stark beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. The three major coastal drives of the North CapeExternal Link Title, CentralExternal Link Title, and Points EastExternal Link Title highlight every mile of coastline on the Island. You can expect unobstructed views of the Atlantic and lots of areas to stop and stretch your legs while taking in the view.  

Culinary adventures

Prince Edward Island has been fondly known as Canada's "Food Island" for their incorporation of fresh local ingredients and warm hospitality that comes with every meal. FireWorksExternal Link Title at the Inn at Bay Fortune is certainly no stranger to using local ingredients in a creative way. This dining experience is named after its old school live-fire cooking approach that uses a classic wood fire to prepare meals for their nightly FireWorks Feast, a multi-course menu featuring ingredients from the inn's organic farm, herb gardens and a roster of Prince Edward Island artisans.


Another expert in local cuisine, The Table Culinary StudioExternal Link Title brings family-style dining and interactive cooking classes together for a mouthwatering experience. During the day, you can take part in their insightful cooking lessons that take you to local producers to learn where your food is from and then back to The Table's award-winning culinary studio to cook. At night, you'll smell tantalizing aromas fill the air during their intimate, family style dining experience.

Flavourful fall festivals

Seeing the leaves change means many things to many people, however, in Prince Edward Island it signals that some very delicious festivals are on the horizon. One of the tastiest food festivals to call Prince Edward Island home is the PEI International Shellfish FestivalExternal Link Title. The festival kicks off with Feast & FrolicExternal Link Title, an event that features a jaw dropping amount of local seafood. There's also a variety of cooking competitions, kitchen parties, tasting events, and more.


Looking for more than seafood? Well, Canada's "Food Island" has you covered with the Fall FlavoursExternal Link Title festival. This 5-week foodie festival has everything from a craft beer celebrationExternal Link Title to lessons on how to forage for your own ingredientsExternal Link Title. A major component of the festival is its emphasis on the use of local producers for the freshest ingredients that benefit the local community.

Unforgettable accommodations

Unwinding and recharging from the busyness of life is an aspect that's paramount to many of the accommodations across Prince Edward Island. The Inn at Fortune BridgeExternal Link Title as well as The Inn at Bay FortuneExternal Link Title are two perfect examples of places where you can relax, enjoy a fantastic meal, and connect with genuine people. Both inns share the same owner/operator as the FireWorks dining experienceExternal Link Title, which means you'll begin your day with a live-fire epicurean breakfast each morning and end your night with a culinary experience like no other at FireWorks Fest.


If you're dreaming of waking up to watch the sun roll over the Atlantic Ocean then the West Point Lighthouse InnExternal Link Title is the best place to enjoy it from the comfort of your room. Canada's first inn in an active lighthouse gives unobstructed views of the Atlantic and is rated as one of the top 11 lighthouse inns in the world. During the day you'll be able to explore the nearby beaches and watch the fishing boats in action just off the shore.


Fall is an especially interesting time to visit Prince Edward Island in addition to all of the amazing golfing, countless beaches, and foodie experiences found throughout the province.