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Two wooden lounging chairs on a dock in Muskoka, Ontario

Fred Sirieix in Muskoka

Fred enjoys some waterskiing and jetskiing in Muskoka cottage country, before escaping to the remote wilds of Algonquin.

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Fred Sirieix in Muskoka

Fred Sirieix

Fred Siriex

Fred is a TV personality, a Maitre ‘D at a Michelin Star restaurant, and a lifelong traveller.

A map showing Algonquin Provincial Park's location within Canada

Tempted by Ontario's incredible wilderness?

Are you itching to get out of the city and onto the water?  Here's more information on a trip to Muskoka so you can start planning instead of just dreaming.

Like what you see?

If Fred's trip to Muskoka and Algonquin have you wanting to pack your bags, speak with a knowledgeable travel agent who can have you on your way in no time.

Two hikers look off a cliff in Algonquin park
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Fred Sirieix in Algonquin

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<html><body><p><span>Fred finds freedom surrounded by nature in Ontario's breathtaking Algonquin Provincial Park</span>. <a href="/feature/fredsirieix/algonquin-2017"><strong>See next trip</strong></a>.</p></body></html>