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Two polar bears in a field of purple flowers


Where hearts are captured

This is a place to be inspired. In the remote wild, see polar bears and beluga whales or reel in a massive fish. In Winnipeg, take in the triumphs of the human spirit at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights or get swept away by Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet. Manitoba truly is where Canada’s heart beats.

The name Manitoba is derived from the Cree word, Man-into-wahpaow. Meaning “the narrows of the Great Spirit,” it refers to the way in which Lake Manitoba narrows in the centre. In Winnipeg, you will find the largest Indigenous population of any city in Canada — and 63 First Nations across the province, including the Anishinaabeg, Cree, Dakota, Dene and Ojibway.

Delve deeper into the province’s storied history at galleries and museums like Qaumajuq, which boasts the largest public collection of contemporary Inuit art in the world. Savour authentic Indigenous cuisine at admired restaurants like Feast Café Bistro. Celebrate diverse cultures with lively festivals like the Winnipeg’s Manito Ahbee Festival — one of North America’s top pow wows.


Don’t miss the iconic spots and hidden gems. No matter where you go in Manitoba, there are amazing itinerary ideas for you to explore.

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There’s so much more to Manitoba than polar bears!  Lakes and rivers, mountains, forest and prairies are awaiting you; most of this protected in more than 80 provincial parks. Visit some of the most famous parks such as Whiteshell Provincial Park or Riding Mountain National Park during this journey through a province well known for it's hiking, biking canoeing and much more. Only then will you head north to see and experience the wonder of thousands of beluga whales feeding in the plankton rich waters of Hudson bay and the special sight of polar bears with their cubs. A truly magical experience.